#2 Michelle Eistrup – Amnesia


Amnesia ist eine Klanginstallation. Eine scheinbar androgyne Stimme spricht im Duett mit sich selbst über das Leben im Hier und Jetzt,
in Ablehnung seiner eigenen (kolonialen) Vergangenheit.

How can I see you w­­hen you do not see me?

How can you imagine that I want to lose my color, my culture to your norms of validity, which means being like you?

How can you forget where you were and why I am here?

How can you just not touch on this part of your history, caress it and just for a moment let the pain seep in?

Your amnesia is my burden. Is this how you survived and gained?

I am here to register the past, the present and the future.

I am here to understand what you are today.

I know many who have forgotten and been lulled into believing there was no past, that there was only the present.

You want me to be washed, to forget and to slowly become dull like you - I will not, I cannot.