MAf 36595

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Enotie Paul Ogbebor
"As a Witness"
Europe, Germany, Leipzig
Acryl on canvas
Donation to the museum by Ogbebor in July 2022
MAf 36595

The artwork "As a Witness" was created as one of three works as part of the live painting performance by Enotie Paul Ogbebor in July 2022 here at the museum. Following the signing of the Joint Political Declaration on the Restitution of Benin Bronzes and Bilateral Museum Cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal Republic of Nigeria on July 1, 2022, Ogbebor was a guest at the Museum from July 4 to 8. After his residency, Ogbebor donated the three works he created to the museum.

The painting shows the Igue Festival, which is still celebrated annually at the end of the year in honor of the Oba, the king of Benin, and as a thanksgiving festival in Benin City in today’s Nigeria. The Oba can be seen at the top, accompanied by festival guests and chiefs of the royal palace and guilds paying their respects. With the work, Ogbebor wants to point out the resilience of the people of Benin, the vitality of their culture and society. It symbolizes the continuity of life, creativity and spirituality of Benin.

Julia von Sigsfeld