Eu 13709 a, b

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Producer unknown to us

Vase with lid

Europe, Portugal

Around 1870

Clay, Stones

Joaquim Henriques Fradesso da Silveira

Purchased by the museum from da Silveira in Vienna in 1873

Eu 13709 a, b

This object was purchased at the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna.  The fifth of its kind and the first in the German-speaking world, the exhibition was intended to demonstrate Austria's renewed confidence after two lost wars and was primarily dedicated to advancing industry and trade. In the dawning industrial age, it was also intended to advance ideas and culture, and to impart knowledge. Several examples of dwellings, e.g., from Russia, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Norway, were used for this purpose. Additionally, a 'palace of the viceroy of Egypt' and an 'African hut' (without further origin details) were on display. Arts and crafts were to complete the exhibition.

Joaquim Henriques Fradesso da Silveira, a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and a well-known meteorologist, was responsible for the Portuguese section of the exhibition. It was he who secured the object for the museum.

Marita Andó