MAf 32137

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Producer unknown to us

Small figure (belongs MAf 32136)

Africa, D. R. of the Congo/ Republic of Congo/ Angola, Loango, Vili

End of 19th century/ Begin of 20th

Wood, carved

Collector unknown to us

Transferred to the museum from the collection of the Natural History Museum in Stralsund in 1965

MAf 32137

This drum was probably used in ritual acts of the Vili in the 20th century. Its lower part is shaped like a shrine, and a snake winds down its sides. The shrine rests on the back of an elephant. Of the original four figures, only one remains today. The figures on the drum, according to previous findings, refer to the creation myth of the Vili community. Only the most senior people were allowed to use drums like this one within the community.

The ritual drum entered the museum's collection in 1965 through a transfer of ownership from the Natural History Museum in Stralsund. It, therefore, represents a large number of objects that came to the German Empire during the colonial period but only became part of the museum collection during the GDR era. Because of this, the museum still does not know anything about the exact circumstances of how the object was acquired or how it was used.

Stefanie Bach