MAm 01465

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Producer unknown to us

Model of a house

Americas, Nicaragua, Mosquito Coast, Miskito

Prior to 1911

Wood, plant fibre, woven, nailed

Otto Arndt (Co-founder of the Museum association in Herrnhut)

Sold to the museum as a double from the Herrnhut collection in 1911

MAm 01465

Model of a Miskito house in the architectural style of the Moravian mission from 1850 in Nicaragua. Its seller, Otto Arndt (1839–1922), was a central figure in the development of the museums in Herrnhut from 1878. He did not travel to the missionary territories himself, but often resold objects from the missions through Herrnhut. His activities thus show the role of the Moravian Mission in collecting and trading ethnographic objects in Europe.

Small models of dwellings, vehicles, and tools from the missionary territories were systematically produced locally and in large numbers by missionaries as well as converts, and sent to museums and Movarian schools in Germany. This is also rooted in the pedagogical teachings of Johann Amos Comenius (1592–1670), which were shaped by the idea of teaching by showing and explaining.

Frank Usbeck