MAm 05023

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Producer unknown to us

Depiction of a human figure

Americas, Costa Rica Highlands, Desamparados

Prior to 1911


F. W. Matthias (engineer, merchant)

Purchased by the museum from Matthias in 1911

MAm 05023

This human stone figurine is depicted sitting and with folded legs. One hand holds a cylindrical object to the mouth. The top of the head is flattened. Similar figurines have been found as grave goods in the highlands of Costa Rica. The object held to the mouth could represent a musical instrument or a smoking utensil. Ethnohistoric observations in the region indicate corresponding possible use in healing ceremonies that may be represented in these pre-colonial period figurines.

The collector, the engineer and trader F.W. Matthias from Hamburg, sold some archaeological finds to the museum in 1911. He gave Desamparados near the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, as the place of discovery.

Frank Usbeck