Mi 02285

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Producer unknown to us

Depiction of a European Man

Oceania, Micronesia, Palau islands, East coast of Baobeltaob, Anglakum

Around 1900

Wood, carved

Dr. med. Ludwig Born (governmental medical practitioner on Yap)

Donation to the museum by Born in 1905

Mi 02285

The object depicts a European with a black hat, jacket, and goatee. Statues like this were made as "fright figures" and used to ward off European men. In this case, the origin has been well documented by the collector, government physician Dr. Ludwig Born. The figure comes from the house of a kalid (sorcerer, fortune teller) named Andiall in the village of Anglakum on the east coast of Babeltaob. Although Ludwig Born accurately documented the origin, he did not record how the figure was acquired, which leaves open the question of how he was able to acquire the kalid's object of protection. In 1905 Born received the museum's "Förderdiplom" ("diploma of promotion") for his donation.

Birgit Scheps-Bretschneider