OAs 04736

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Producer unknown to us

Picnic Set (Sage Jubako) in the Shape of a Tea Leaf Vessel

Asia, Japan

Prior to 1882

Wood, turned, lacquered

Heinrich Botho Scheube (doctor, lecturer)

Purchased by the museum from Scheube in 1909

OAs 04736

Together, the four stacked food bowls and a sake pot with a rotating spout form a lidded tea-leaf jar (Chatsubo) with lacquer decoration depicting fallen autumn leaves and thawing snow.

The collector of this object, Botho Scheube, studied medicine and natural sciences at the University of Leipzig in the 1870s. He then went to the Kyoto Medical School, where he worked as a physician and lecturer for five years at the invitation of the Japanese government.

During this time, Scheube also maintained close ties with the German Society for the Natural History and Ethnology of East Asia, which had its own museum of Japanese cultural history in Tokyo. It was probably here that Scheube’s interest in Japanese art and cultural objects was awakened, prompting him to amass a collection of Japanese art and everyday objects that eventually numbered more than 700 pieces.

Dietmar Grundmann