SAm 03264

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Producer unknown to us

Ritxoko-Doll (supernatural figure)

Americas, Brazil, Mato Grosso, Rio Araguaia

Prior to 1908

Clay, formed, unburnt

Fritz Krause (ethnologist, director of the museum 1927–1944)

Transferred to the museum by Krause in 1909

SAm 03264

On display here is a Ritxoko doll depicting Hiré, a supernatural bird being. Initially used as children's toys, the Ritxoko are now also produced as souvenirs. The artists ("ceramistas") are highly respected in the community.

The Ritxoko are protected as Brazil's intangible cultural heritage. Since 2017, scholars have been working in the international project "Presença Karajá" together with representatives of the Iny Karajá to index the approximately 80 museum collections worldwide (including about 90 objects in Leipzig) in a common database. This is also intended to promote the tradition of the ceramistas by giving potters access to now lost historical motifs, patterns and styles, from which they can draw inspiration for the further development of their art.

Frank Usbeck