The Art Discussion

Schenau, Johann Eleazar (1737-1806) | Painter
Schenau, Johann Eleazar (1737-1806) | Person(s) shown
Graff, Anton (1737-1806) | Person(s) shown
Fritsch, Thomas von, Freiherr (1737-1806) | Person(s) shown
Zingg, Adrian (1737-1806) | Person(s) shown
Hagedorn, Christian Ludwig von (1737-1806) | Person(s) shown


The Saxon statesman, patron and collector Baron von Fritsch is engaged in animated conversation with the Director of the Academy and Royal Art Collections, Von Hagedorn. In the background, the artists Zingg, Schenau himself and Graff are following their conversation. Books, a globe, a medal, a sculpture and floor plans refer to the theme of art. At the same time, the painting represents scholarly exchange among connoisseurs and collaboration between patrons and artists in 18th-century Dresden.

Material & Technique
Oil on canvas
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. 3161