The Crucifixion of Christ

Edingen van Aalst, Peter van (1479/81-1538)
Pannemaker, Peter de (I) (1479/81-1538)
Orley, Bernard van (1479/81-1538) | Design
Edingen van Aalst, Peter van (1479/81-1538) Workshop


These Dutch tapestries are part of a series of tapestries, originally 10 in number, known as the “Old Passion”. They were created between 1524 and 1528 in Brussels, which was the foremost centre of European tapestry weaving at that time. They were probably commissioned by Margaret of Austria, Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands. The depictions are based on designs by Bernard van Orley, who opened up the genre to new artistic influences from the Italian and German Renaissance.

Material & Technique
Tapestry, wool, silk, metal threads
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
c. 1524/28
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. B 7