Temple of Vesta in Tivoli

Hackert, Jakob Philipp (1737-1807) | Painter

The history of this painting leads to the year 1945. The Frohburg Manor, located in the district of Leipzig, was a victim of the land reform ordered in the Soviet-occupied zone due to its usable area of more than 100 hectares. The Krug von Nidda und von Falkenstein family was expropriated – including the palace building and its contents. Jakob Philipp Hackert’s painting was first transported from Frohburg Palace to Gnandstein Castle, and was handed over to the Gemäldegalerie from there in 1952. On the legal basis of the Compensation Act (Ausgleichsleistungsgesetz), which entered into force in 1994, an amicable agreement was reached with the former owners’ heirs in 1998, and the painting remained in the Dresden gallery collection.   

Thousands of objects – including paintings, graphic art, porcelain, furniture and books – have already been identified from the holdings of the SKD and restituted, i.e. returned. Nevertheless, the research on artworks that were transferred to the museums as a result of the land reform is far from being completed, as they constitute the lion's share of the objects to be investigated in terms of quantity.

Material & Technique
Oil on canvas
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
c. 1770/75
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. 3146