"Caroussel Comique". Entertainments in the Zwinger 1722

Thiele, Johann Alexander (1685-1752) | Painter

Together with its counterpart, the Procession in the Zwinger 1722, the painting was acquired for the Royal Gallery in Dresden shortly after completion directly from the artist Johann Alexander Thiele. Please take a careful look at the lower right corner of the picture! There you can see the four-digit number "1696" in yellowed white paint. You can discover such inventory numbers on a variety of paintings here in the gallery. They refer to the Dresden painting inventories of the 18th century, here specifically to the "Inventory 1722-28". The application of inventory numbers to the front of the painting was a common practice in royal collections of the time.

From the 1860s, Thiele's Zwinger views served as furnishings for the Royal Palace. After the First World War and the end of the monarchy in Saxony, the assets were divided between the Royal House and the Free State of Saxony, the Zwinger views remained in Wettin possession. As early as 1945, the paintings returned to the holdings of the Gemäldegalerie: under Soviet occupation, the Wettin artwork had been confiscated and handed over to the museum. In 1999 they were restituted to the House of Wettin. Thanks to generous support from the Kulturstiftung der Länder, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Saxony, the Dresden State Art Collections acquired both paintings.

Material & Technique
Oil on canvas
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
before 1725
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. 3603