Bouquet of Porcelain Flowers from Vincennes

Duplessis, Jean-Claude Chambellan (1699-1774) | Goldsmith
le Boitteux, Claude (1699-1774) | Goldsmith


Maria Josepha, daughter of Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony, married the heir to the French throne. From Paris, she sent her father this marvel of the art of porcelain – a bouquet of flowers that never wilts. In response to gifts of porcelain from the ruler of Saxony, Louis XV, the King of France, decided to generously fund a still young French porcelain manufactory in Vincennes. Thanks to the royal support, it could create this impressive bouquet just a few years after its foundation, which is a magnificent example of its outstanding skills.

Material & Technique
Frit porcelain with overglaze colours, copper, gilt bronze
Vincennes, prior to 1749
Inventory number
PE 707