King August III in Polish Costume

Kaendler, Johann Joachim (1706-1775) | Modeller
Eberlein, Johann Friedrich (1706-1775) | Modeller
Ehder, Johann Gottlieb (1706-1775) | Modeller
August III. (1706-1775) | Person(s) shown
Silvestre, Louis (1706-1775) Template | Painter


This statuette was not just an art work, but first and foremost a political statement. Here, Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, is portrayed in the wide cloak and leather belt associated with the traditional costume of Polish nobles. Instead of wearing the usual wig, he is shown with the tonsure hairstyle favoured by the Polish nobility. The statuette is modelled after the official portrait of Friedrich August II as the King of Poland by court artist Louis de Silvestre. His portrait was the basis for many replicas and copies in Poland intended to appeal to Polish national sentiment.

Material & Technique
Porcelain, unpainted
Meissen, 1741/42
Inventory number
PE 470