Grand Master of the Hunt Johann Georg Wentzel

Kaendler, Johann Joachim (1706-1775) | Chief Modeller


“For Her Royal Highness Princess Maria Anna, a 15-inch figure of a parforce hunter named Wentzel is to be modelled as exactly as possible in porcelain reproducing his stature, clothes and countenance.” Above all, it was that last phrase in Kaendler’s working notes from 1744 which repeatedly fuelled the rumour of a royal scandal. Just imagine, a princess of Saxony requests a porcelain figure of her master hunter – and with facial features as lifelike as possible ... Well, as they say as royal courts, honi soit qui mal y pense – shame on anyone who thinks evil of it!

Material & Technique
Porcelain, painting: overglaze colours and gold
Meissen, 1744
Inventory number
PE 256