Tureen with Galatea from the Swan Service for Count Heinrich von Brühl

Kaendler, Johann Joachim (1706-1775) | Chief Modeller
Eberlein, Johann Friedrich (1706-1775) | Modeller


Ordered by Count von Brühl, prime minister and confidant of Elector Friedrich August II, the legendary Swan Service is the largest and most magnificent table service ever produced in Meissen. The wealth of details shows how the modellers designed these serving dishes as sculptures in the round.

For over 200 years, the Swan Service was in the possession of the Brühl family. In 1945, much of it was lost when the Brühl estate was looted. The pieces on show here have been on permanent loan from the von Brühl family since the early 1900s.

Material & Technique
Porcelain with relief decoration, painting: overglaze colours and gold
Meissen, 1738
Inventory number
PE 1450