Group paying homage to Friedrich August III

Acier, Michel Victor (1736-1799) | Modeller
Neuber, Johann Christian (1736-1799) | Jeweller


This figural group on a round pedestal was just the central element of a vast table centrepiece originally seven metres long. The centrepiece was a gift for Elector Friedrich August III of Saxony, presented to him in Dresden in 1776 on his 26th birthday. The ensemble is remarkable for its combination of white porcelain with colourful gemstones from Saxony. The main figures extol the young ruler’s virtues – benevolence, compassion, and military prowess. The female figures around the base are the Muses, the goddesses of the arts and sciences flourishing under his rule.

Material & Technique
Porcelain, unpainted, gemstones, wood, gilt bronze
Meissen, 1775
Inventory number
PE 1656