Model of King August III’s Equestrian Statue

Kaendler, Johann Joachim (1706-1775) | Modeller
August III. (1706-1775) | Person(s) shown


Johann Joachim Kaendler designed a larger-than-life equestrian statue of August III, King of Poland. In size and ambition, this monumental porcelain work would have far surpassed anything before it. In 1753, to give the king an idea of how it would look, Kaendler initially made a much smaller model. The allegorical figures around the base symbolise the king’s virtues, such as justice, faith, hope and love – just those qualities making a good ruler. The Seven Years War, though, put paid to Kaendler’s plans for this ambitious work and the statue remained just a model.

Material & Technique
Porcelain, unpainted, gilt brass mounts
Meissen, 1753
Inventory number
PE 2528