Kaendler, Johann Joachim (1706-1775) | Chief Modeller

This dove, created from a mould by Johann Joachim Kaendler, was part of the top-class collection of Meissen porcelain assembled by Gustav von Klemperer and his wife Charlotte. Following the Dresden banker's death in 1926, the collection was divided between his three sons. The Jewish families were persecuted by the National Socialists and forced to leave Germany from 1937 on.

In 1938, the Dresden Gestapo confiscated the possessions left behind in their son Victor’s villa. Fritz Fichtner, director of the Porzellansammlung, persuaded Adolf Hitler to take the 836 porcelains for the museum. In a letter dated 13 January 1943, Mutschmann reported the decision made by Adolf Hitler on 29 November 1942: “The Führer decided that the collections should be given to the state of Saxony without payment.”

Hans Posse also made clear his interests as Special Commissioner: “A number of casts of good figural pieces that would come out of the transfer could be used for the Führermuseum in Linz.” One such piece, along with other porcelains, was to be the dove. In 1991, the restitution was made to the family, who donated significant parts of the collection to the Porzellansammlung.

Material & Technique
Porcelain, painted
Meissen, 1732
Inventory number
PE 7279