The Beheading of Saint Reparata

Daddi, Bernardo (1295-1348) | Painter

This painting by the Florentine artist Bernardo Daddi was probably part of an altar. It depicts the martyrdom of St. Reparata, a patron saint of Florence. For reasons which have yet to be established, the saint was later painted over on this small Dresden panel, turning her into a monk.

The reverse of a painting often provides important information about its origins. In this case, as well as attributions to specific artists and inventory numbers from Dresden’s Gemäldegalerie, there is also a reference to an auction in July 1891. This information can also be found in documents held by the “Linz Special Commission”, showing that the panel by Bernardo Daddi was acquired for that collection in 1943 in Paris.

Despite the numerous markings on the reverse of the wooden panel, its former owners have not yet been identified. For that reason, the painting has remained in the holdings of the Gemäldegalerie and been reported as a found object in the Lost Art database: http://www.lostart.de/EN/Fund/415541

Material & Technique
Tempera on panel
Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
c. 1345
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. 3577