Etruscan, Greek and Roman Antiquities from the Cabinet of the Honourable William Hamilton. Illustrated book, Vol. 4

Hancarville, Pierre François Hugues d' (1719-1805) | Author
unbekannt, italienisch, 18. Jh. (1719-1805) | Printmaker
Pignataro, Carmine (1719-1805) | Printmaker

The collection of antiquities assembled by the British diplomat William Hamilton was known throughout Europe. In 1766/67, its details were published in eight richly illustrated volumes that are considered pioneering publications in the field of classical archaeology. Erhard Göpel acquired this edition in 1944 from the Florimond Tulkens bookshop in Brussels, as part of the “Linz Special Commission”. The previous owners are unknown.

From 1942 on, most of the works on paper remaining in Dresden that were destined for the “Führermuseum” were evacuated to Schloss Weesenstein. However, the bound prints and books were kept at an air raid shelter beneath the Zwinger. When the war was over, they were taken away by the Soviet trophy brigade, as can be seen from the Russian inventory numbers on the bindings. In 1958, they returned to Dresden, probably as researchers in Moscow and Kiev mistook them for part of the Kupferstich-Kabinett’s permanent holdings.

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