Brown Horse of Noble Breeding

Steffeck, Carl (1818-1890) | Painter

The Berlin-born artist Carl Steffeck specialised in painting horses. Due to his precise and realistic painting style, he was a sought-after animal portraitist who received numerous commissions from aristocrats and sports riders. Provenance research has revealed that the picture was purchased for the “Linz Special Commission” by the “Gerstenberger Art Exhibition” gallery in Chemnitz in September 1944 for 9,500 reichsmarks. So far, it has not been possible to find a previous owner of the painting.

As the possibility cannot be ruled out that it was confiscated as a result of persecution, its details have been made public in the Lost Art database. People and institutions that have lost their property in unlawful circumstances can search this freely accessible database to see if the cultural assets they are looking for are listed as found objects: http://www.lostart.de/EN/Fund/415548

Material & Technique
oil on canvas
Galerie Neue Meister
Inventory number
Gal.-Nr. 3039